Meet the Family

Here's the pack...

All of our parent dogs have been Embarked.

Echo Pompeii


Echo  weighs 20 lbs. He is a blue eyed, wooly plush. He is an F1 (first generation) Pomsky. His mother was a beautiful Siberian Husky and daddy was a Pomeranian. He has a sweet, lovable disposition. He loves to be cuddled and especially loves falling asleep on his back in your arms.

Miss D Jubilee


Jubilee is a dainty 11 lbs. She is an F2 (2nd generation) Pomsky. Both of her parents were Pomskies. She is a picture perfect, blue eyed, little princess.  Jubilee likes to "talk" to let you know how she is feeling or what's happening. She enjoys her lap time every morning and evening.  She tends to be leary of strangers. 

Annie Oakley


Annie weigh 35 lbs. Annie's mother was a Siberian Husky and daddy was a Pomsky. Annie is very affectionate and wants to please. She loves to run and engage the others in a game of chase.  Annie tends to be quiet and well-mannered and loves a good tummy rub.

Little Bit


Little Bit weighs 32 lbs. She is an F1 rare white Pomsky. She is a vocal "talker" and clearly expresses her opinion and wants.  She is very affectionate, daily collecting hugs. Little Bit lives at Grandma's house, home raised in Parachute, CO .