Pure Puppy Love bundled up in this gorgeous designer breed raised along the Colorado Rocky Mountains where the air is pure and hearts are free!
Our precious pomskies are born and raised in our home. They are a delightful part of our home and family. They get one-on-one attention, socialization and loving care. 

We breed these designer puppies for the beauty & grace of the Husky having the energy & playful disposition characteristic of the parent breeds, but in a smaller, lap-size companion. We cherish our puppies from birth until they leave our arms to snuggle into yours!
Parent dogs are DNA & Health tested.
Pomskies are energetic, playful and loyal. They build strong bonding and affectionate relationships to their caregiver and are often characterized with "talking."
Hold them for a minute, and they'll steal your heart forever!

Promise Land

We will have a new litter available between Christmas and New Year's! Email us to be added to the notification/ waiting list.

Reserve your puppy now. $500 non-refundable deposit for first choice. No charge to be added to notification list.
Dam: Annie Oakley
Sire: Echo 

Available Puppies
black and white short coated puppy


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